Interview with Halcyon Daze, Byron Bay

Halcyon Daze Byron BayCan you tell us a little bit about your background and what lead you to start Halcyon Daze? What was the inspiration?

Elke: I have a background in Fashion, Clothing Production and Pattern-making.

Sally: I have a background in Environmental Science, working as a town planner and project manager.

I think the inspiration behind Halcyon Daze was really a mutual love of swimwear! We would often be on the beach with our toddlers at the time, we both loved finding brands from overseas and something a little bit more unique. As time went on our friendship grew, our kids got a bit older and we thought it was time to do something creative and so we started Halcyon Daze. We also really just wanted to make the swimwear we wanted to wear ourselves!

Halcyon Daze Byron BayWhat is the ethos behind your swimwear brand?

Slow fashion, smaller runs of longer lasting high quality pieces.   

Halcyon Daze Byron Bay

How important is sustainability to you both personally and professionally?

Embarking on a sustainable journey with our brand was very important to us. We have chosen to use a sustainable fabric source for our swimwear called Econyl which is 100% regenerated Nylon fibre from post consumer plastics. It’s actually a win win, because of its unique composition, it is stronger, more durable and has a higher resistance to chlorine than other lycras so it means our swimwear will last the distance into many more summers to come.
We are also in the process of offsetting our business’s carbon emissions with local firm Cool Planet.

What are your thoughts on the fashion revolution?

We love it! We are constantly seeing more and more designers creating a new future for the fashion industry and it’s exciting. We think that consumers these days expect transparency and they deserve to know where, how and who makes the products they are buying. 

We love that there are so many fashion brands out there taking responsibility for their environmental footprint. The fact that there is a slow fashion revolution is very reassuring.
Halcyon Daze Byron Bay

What advice do you have to anyone wanting to head down the sustainable path in their business?

It’s always going to be a good idea to choose a more sustainable approach, even if it seems harder at the time or more expensive. If it is set up in a grassroots manner, it will become an easier and more natural progression for the business as it grows.
Design decisions based on sustainable principles can be incorporated in practical ways such as:
  • Using sustainable fabrics
  • Considering the lifetime of the environmental impact of the garment
  • Minimising waste during the design and manufacturing process
  • Choosing ethical garment production
  • Reducing packaging waste
Plus, it always feels good knowing you’re doing your bit for the planet. No matter how small the steps you take, it’s a journey and will continue to evolve as your business grows.

Halcyon Daze Byron BayWhat are the short and long term goals for Halcyon Daze?

In the short term, we don’t have plans of world domination but we are quite happy creating small runs of unique swimwear that make women around the world feel good about themselves.

Our long term goals are to create an ecologically sustainable business that inspire other business to take on a similar approach and our personal goal is to run a profitable business that allows us to travel to exotic locations.

Halcyon Daze Byron BayAre there any other brands or people you admire and inspire you?

Yes there are lots of other inspiring brands out there, we love Peony Swimwear and the sustainable journey they are taking. Also here in Byron Bay we are surrounded by many like minded business owners such as Spell, Rowie and Afends. We are constantly inspired by the steps these brands are taking and the unique products coming out of this bustling little seaside town.

What does wilderness mean to you personally and as a family?

Adventure and freedom! As a family, we spend the majority of our time outdoors.  We are at the beach almost daily, we surf and we spend our holidays camping. These adventures are what inspires our brand and influence the way we raise our children.

Halcyon Daze Byron BayWhat do feel about the future of the worlds wild places?

It’s precarious and precious. There is a feeling of responsibility as a parent to protect for our next generations.

Do you have a favourite place on the planet and where would it be?

Elke: Byron Bay! Even after traveling and living in different places around the world it’s been my home for over 20 years now and I feel so grateful for the life I live here.

Sally: Byron Bay (for the same reason) and closely second, Kauai.

Halcyon Daze Byron BayDo you have a favourite inspirational quote that resonates with you?

It’s a well known one that resonates with us when we are working: “Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”