About Us

The roots of ONCE are intrinsically tied to conservation. ONCE was born out of a movement for the wild- WildArk- which is a nonprofit organisation focused on initiatives that have tangible outcomes for biodiversity protection worldwide.

WildArk protects wild elephants through their conservancy work in South Africa

WildArk accomplishes its mission through (1) positive Storytelling of the individuals and organisations around the world making a difference, (2) funding solution-oriented Science research, (3) partnering with and providing financial, marketing and administrative Support of seasoned and new conservation organisations, and (4) protecting wild Space through more dedicated programmatic work on conservation projects in partnership with local and indigenous communities. WildArk’s strategy and priorities are driven by the WildArk 100, a list of 100 iconic species that live within 50 wild areas around the world that if protected could provide up to 89% biodiversity benefits. Although this is a big task, WildArk approaches it one project at a time, with focused support of local partners and indigenous communities.  

A safari van sits in the middle of Greater Kruger in South Africa

The same team of optimistic planet-protectors at WildArk are those behind ONCE. ONCE was conceived as an innovative approach to help educate consumers on ways to adapt their daily behaviors and actions in the spirit of conscious consumerism. The hope was that this would not only reinforce the nonprofit mission of WildArk, but also brings up a whole new cohort of conservationists.